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Summer in Livigno: 7 family activities you won't miss!

Pubblicato da Livigno il 07 August 2021

7 activities family
This summer for your vacations, choose to share the beauty of Livigno's nature with the whole family.

In this article you will find many activities suitable for children and adults, to turn every stay into an exciting adventure to discover a valley rich in unspoiled landscapes and traditional activities that have been handed down for generations.

The large spaces available will ensure the natural distancing to give you a carefree vacation and in full contact with nature.

Don't have any ideas on how to organize your family vacation? Here are 7 ideas to spend an unforgettable vacation:


Discover the beauties of Livigno through the contest Win the Wonder, complete the 14 missions by authenticating yourself on the app My Livigno, and at the end of September, you can be drawn to win many rich prizes. Win the Wonder is a new and interactive way to know Livigno, once downloaded the app and accessing the page dedicated to the competition, you can discover places in Livigno where you had never been. Once you reach the mission and framed the QR code, you will be unlocked the level and you will be charged with valuable points needed to participate in the extraction of the end of September. At this link you can see all the prizes available.

Download My Livigno App and search in the menu "win the wonder contest".

Win the wonder


Mountains, fragrant woods, or breathtaking peaks easily reachable with cable cars!

Our Alpine Guides are waiting for you every day with a rich program of simple walks suitable for everyone, to discover the most beautiful valleys of Livigno.

In addition to this, a 17km long bike and pedestrian path, dotted with picnic areas and playgrounds; mountain huts and refreshments are waiting for you to recharge your batteries.

Backpack on your shoulders, let's go! Discover all the excursions HERE

Famigli bambini livigno foto roby trab-1309


If you are passionate hikers, and you care a lot about the well-being of the environment, we suggest you to try our version of plogging, the trekking for nature’s care!

Plogging is a practice that comes from Sweden, useful to feel good about oneself taking care of the territory, and that consists in collecting waste while walking outdoors. Livigno will provide the active structures and the tourist information centers with a kit for the collection of waste; once you collect the waste along the way, you just have to hand it over and you can participate in a contest with fantastic stays in Livigno, ski passes and much more!



Kayak, stand up paddle, rowboat, pedal boat, choose the activity you prefer, and get on board. At the center of the lake, you can reach the Floating island, a floating wooden island where you can stop for a break and take a souvenir photo.

In the mountains but without giving up the water, discover HERE all the water activities. 



Immerse yourself in the traditions and history of a place waiting to be discovered. The activities in the alpine pasture are for the whole family, in contact with nature and animals: milking and a visit to the stable of calves. Not to forget the activity "farmer for a day" to live two days in the alpine pasture and carry out the activities of cattle care and milk processing.

Are you ready to take a dive into our traditions? Discover all the alpine pasture activities HERE. 

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The bike offer in Livigno is for all ages, starting from the Bike Skill Center, the center where you can learn to ride without wheels or improve your skills. Weekly bike programs that alternate between riding and playing. E-bikes to try on our wide trails with the addition of karts to carry the smallest children.

All in the saddle, there is a paradise to explore! Find out all the details HERE

Bike skill Center ©SimoneSalvatori (5) (1)


Ready to have fun among Livigno's larches? The Larix Park offers all guests access to a wide variety of trails. For the older ones not to be missed is the “Avventurando in Val delle Mine”: zip lines suspended over the stream, fords and balance and skill courses to really put you to the test.

Are you ready to put yourself out there? Find out more details HERE.


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