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Livigno, the Champions' choice

Pubblicato da Alessandra Crinzi il 02 August 2019


The Divine Federica, in love with the Little Tibet, spends in our mountains not only periods of relaxation and holidays, but also those of intense training. Indeed the sports center Aquagranda Active You has now become the headquarter of the Italian Swimming National team, because performing the training at high altitude is particularly indicated in those sports that require intense and constant aerobic activity, and thanks to the low air pressure we have in Livigno due to our 1,816 meters, all the athletes have the possibility to overcome the limits for a "dope free" effect.

The results,  prove us right, and indeed every word seems reductive when we find ourselves expressing the admiration we feel for Federica Pellegrini, born in 1988, who at almost 31 years won the fourth world gold in the 200 freestyle in 1 54 "22, in front of the Australian Titmus and the Swedish Sjostroem. Performance that is nothing short of sensational, lasting for almost twenty years and which, thanks to the continuity of the results, allowed her to become not only an example for all sportsmen, but also a true legend.
But there is another athlete about whome we will continue to hear for a long time, and his name is Gregorio Paltrinieri, gold medal in the freestyle, a specialty that had often made him 'suffer' because he is more used to the 1500mt. Finale race won with a time of 7'39”27, with the handover between Detti and Paltrinieri. Last, but certainly not least, is Simona Quadarella, athlete of the 1998 class, who "opened" the "gold medal" series of the Italian swimming team, gold medal in the 1500 freestyle with a time of 15'40"89, new national record, and silver in the 800 mt freestyle.
What else? These excellent results are the outcome of a explosive mix of passion, hard work and dedication. There is no sport without sweat, there is no result without sacrifice and perseverance.

Livigno knows this well, and that's why is the champion's choice.

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