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Livigno ICON: where the triathlon is epic and where people climb the giants

Pubblicato da Enrico Gobbi il 06 August 2019


Despite the 1,816 meters of altitude it's a scorching air the one you breathe this summer in Livigno: the great expectation for the international appointments scheduled in the coming weeks is accompanied by the constant presence in town of the best swimming, cycling, running and triathlon athletes in the world.

The Little Tibet is becoming the point of reference in the Italian alps for the active tourism, which has its competitive declination in the philosophy of altitude training.

An innovative but at the same time classic and natural approach, carried out year after year in the Livigno area among others by Federica Pellegrini (Gold in the World Championships, Gwangju 2019) and Giulio Molinari (three times European triathlon champion and Ironman winner 70.3 in 2017). Giulio, who has been wearing the Livigno Team uniform for a couple of years, is preparing the most important events of his racing season right here.
Actually there are many (and increasing) international athletes who in the summer months come to the highest plateau in Europe to best prepare for their races: from Sebastian Kienle - World champion German triathlete - to Emily Batty , Canadian bikers and top Italian champions such as Vincenzo Nibali, Sara Dossena and Elia Viviani till David Pleše - winner of the Ironman in Barcelona in 2015. Kienle and Pleše are therefore further confirmation of how irresistible Livigno is for triathletes.

In attracting these athletes with a magnet effect, the constant development of the territory in terms of facilities and services played a fundamental role. The Aquagranda Center is equipped with a swimming pool and gym and, in order not to miss anything, in July 2019 the long-awaited athletics track has been inaugurated. For the race, moreover, there are 17 km of completely flat pedestrian and bicycle paths and numerous trails in the mountains. And the roadbikers? Well, for them there is the embarrassment of the choice between iconic and wonderful mountain passes in the neighboring areas such as the Stelvio and the Bernina, or Gavia, Forcola and Foscagno.
All this, in a cool and dry climate ideal for the body and mind, which allows you to relax and regenerate your muscles and brain after strenuous training sessions.

But let's move on to the appointments on the agenda in the coming weeks. On 30th August the 4th edition of the ICON Livigno Xtreme Triathlon will be held, a race different from all the others. More than a triathlon race, the ICON is a real challenge with oneself, an experience reserved for the most recklesses who are not afraid to overcome their limits, a task as exhausting as it is fulfilling. Even because, you have to gain the title of "icon", is for sure something you can not just buy.

Confirming its uniqueness, the ICON boasts three worldwide "records" among triathlon competitions, one for each discipline:
  • the highest starting point in the world in the Livigno Lake for a xtreme triathlon
  • the highest pass in the world by bike for a xtreme triathlon
  • the arrival on foot at the Carosello 3000, whose motto is "Mountain is freedom", is the highest in the world for a xtreme triathlon event ... and we have no doubts about the taste of freedom that one can enjoy at the finish line
In short, an unmissable event for enthusiasts and amateurs.

Then, on 1st September the 3rd edition of The Giant Livigno Stelvio Triathlon will take place. Starting from Livigno Lake and arriving on the athletics track, the trail extends through breathtaking landscapes till touching the neighboring Switzerland. Although the distances are smaller, 1,200 mt of swimming in the Livigno lake, 98km on the roadbike reaching the summit of the giant, the iconic Stelvio pass, and 20km of runnning until you reach the athletics track, you immediately perceive the epic nature of the event, given by the impervious natural frame and the height that is touched.

Multidisciplinary sport is the essence of Livigno, a place suitable for swimming, perfect for running and ideal for cycling. So what better place to participate in a triathlon event?

Unfortunately the registrations for the ICON are already closed...but you are not so unlucky: you are still in time to register to the last places available for The Giant, discover and register at the race at this link.

At the limits, between fairytales and reality, live myths; this is the land where giants roam.
They come from when time started and live eternally; incredible beings in stature and strength.
Only the gods have the courage to face them.
They are close to dreams; only the best can reach them.
Their mystique attracts the most valuable spirits; fear, not able to bend them, rejects them.
The Stelvio resides here, imposing and dominating, a king among giants;
It reigns imperiously and provokes the best, inviting new warriors to take on its challenge.
A trumpet call announces the war.
The Giant calls on the strongest women and men.
It is time to rewrite history; new hierarchies await.
There is no dominion that cannot be bent my strong muscles and an iron will.
It is time for new conquests, to crown new heroes.
It is time for new giants.

Are you ready for the challenge?



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