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Black Night in Livigno: candles and stars for a magic night

Pubblicato da Livigno il 09 August 2019

Notte Nera

As of 9p.m. on Saturday 10th August, all the artificial lights in Livigno will be switched off and the traffic stopped in order to give way to candles, lanterns and torches which, along with the starry sky, will be the only light source until late at night. The entire valley will come alive to the notes of acoustic music, along with food and entertainment, whilst both townspeople and visitors wait for  the shooting stars in order to make a wish.

Many different alternatives are organised for Notte Nera which simply must not be missed. Indeed, restaurants, hotels, wood cabins, shops and clubs await visitors with their tasting buffets, art shows and musical entertainment, as do local producers.

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On occasion of Notte Nera Mus!, the museum of Livigno and Trepalle, offers an interesting challenge so people can enjoy a truly unique, evocative evening. From 9p.m. to 11p.m. the museum will open its doors to children and adults who will have to guess fairytales by torchlight. The most beautiful fairytales will be set out in the museum, and visitors will have to guess which they are by relying on their senses and the atmosphere only. Wearing helmets and carrying torches, they will visit the museum in the dark and have to guess each fairytale by putting together the various elements collected together using their senses and the clues they find in each room.

Aquagranda has also come up with magical moments for visitors in order to celebrate San Lorenzo and Notte Nera, creating a programme of complete relaxation for Friday 9th and Saturday 10th August. At 9.00 pm on Friday 9th August, visitors will be able to enjoy an evocative, relaxing evening under the starlight sky of Livigno sky, accompanied by the sweet sounds of nature: an ideal moment for meditating and leaving behind the frenzy of everyday life.

To end the evening in style as indeed every year, there will be the traditional bonfire, which will light up Livigno as of 11.00p.m. and be accompanied this year by a torchlight procession organised by CAI Livigno, the Italian Alpine Club. The torchlight procession will set off from Crap dala Parè, and go down into the valley - the perfect end to a magical evening, and is open to everyone simply by informing CAI. Mottolino carpark is the meeting point at 7.45p.m. and participants will leave from here to head towards the summit, descending later to the light of their torches.

Here is the detailed program: 

From 20:30 to 23:00
Info points opening, torch and lantern sales
From 21:00 to 01:00
Switch off public lighting and cars stop
From 21:00 to 24:00
Animation and entertainment along the town streets
From 23:00 to 01:00
Giant Bonfire and entertainment

In case of bad weather the event is confirmed.

Find out where the artists will perform, by consulting the two maps below:

Cartina notte nera- ZONA 1_EXE-1Cartina notte nera- ZONA 2_EXE-1

Please note that starting from 20:00 there will be the cars stop, while bus shuttles will be active:

Notte Nera_Strade Chiuse e Bus

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