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Exclusive shopping, high altitude pleasure

Pubblicato da Livigno il 30 July 2020
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With exclusive boutiques and flagship stores open all year round, Livigno offers a unique and suggestive shopping experience surrounded by the Italian Alps.

With over 250 shops, exclusive and single-brand boutiques, on the lips of all fashion addicted of Italy and shops related to the traditions of the territory, Livigno offers a unique shopping experience at 1,816 m above sea level, away from the city traffic and under the protective gaze of the Italian Alps.
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In Little Tibet, the hunt for the most exclusive brands becomes glam in all senses, while you walk through a large open-air mall about a kilometer long and search for your favorite brands among the shop windows of the boutiques surrounded by the uncontaminated nature of Livigno.

Fashion addicted can choose from the numerous fashion stores, within which to find the most prestigious and well-known brands in the world. Among stores that offer themselves as large house of brands and small single-brand boutiques, every fashion lover is spoiled for choice, including clothing, bags, shoes, hats and leather goods.


Livigno is a true sports paradise: once you leave the peaks and trais, sports lovers will be able to venture among numerous specialized and high quality sports shops, where you can find shoes, clothing and sports equipment to satisfy your desire to running, biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, freeride and all the sports you can imagine.


There are also many luxury stores, which offer a wide range of luxury products, accessories and must-haves: jewelry and watches of well-known and prestigious brands, but also frames for innovative, tailored or made in Italy glasses and an incredible assortment of perfumes of every fragrance and brand.


Although the most technological products are becoming increasingly popular in online stores, there is no lack of hi-tech stores where you can buy thanks to expert advices,  smartphones, cameras, PCs, smartwatches, earphones , speakers and many other accessories from the best brands on the market.

In addition, thanks to the new update of the My Livigno App, it is possible to consult the opening hours of all the shops and find out where to find your favorite brands with a simple tap on the smartphone screen.
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