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In Livigno, the winter season has just begun and winter sports lovers are back to enjoy themselves on the resort's more than 115 km of slopes, choosing between skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and much more... But for those who are not satisfied with the more classic proposals, Livigno offers six activities to fully experience the Ski Area, capable of satisfying every interest, from food to sport, to music and culture. 


When the first light of day illuminates the peaks, the most passionate skiers have the chance to venture out onto the freshly milled and immaculate slopes of the Sitas thanks to a unique and unforgettable experience. The Sunrise Emotion - Luxury Breakfast is designed for "ski addicts" who wish to start their day enjoying a wonderful sunrise, first opening the slopes and then regenerating themselves with a delicious breakfast at high altitude, where they can enjoy a rich menu of savoury and sweet specialities.    
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In Livigno, sunset is the moment when the slopes empty and the ski lifts stop: for a few minutes, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the colours changing and tinging the peaks while you are surrounded by silent peace. That is why Sitas proposes the Sunset Emotion, scheduled every day at 6 p.m., which consists of a not-to-be-missed ride on a snowcat used for transporting groups, in order to experience for an hour the unique experience of turning into a real snowcat driver and, in the meantime, enjoying the view.
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For the most daring skiers in love with fresh snow, Carosello 3000 offers the Powder Slopes. Following each heavy snowfall, a slope in the ski area will not be groomed overnight, allowing skiers to ski in freshly fallen snow, experiencing an exciting and adrenaline-filled descent, but without going into the backcountry.
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FAT CAT:    
To regain energy while staying on the slopes and enjoying the incredible view of the snow-capped peaks, the Carosello 3000 ski area offers an outdoor lunch break at the Fat Cat, a snow cat with a kitchen equipped with a street food menu that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. The fun part? The Fat Cat changes location every day, so winter lovers will have to go in search of this on-the-go restaurant at high altitude to experience the magic of a different kind of lunch, always immersed in nature and surrounded by an informal and festive atmosphere, with live rock music and fun games to liven up the lunch break.
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Fun in Little Tibet goes beyond skiing and freeriding! Mottolino Fun Mountain proposes the famous dance show Freak 'n Tonic, staged by a talented group of dancers at the Camanel Refuge: a daily appointment that allows you to experience a lunch break full of fun and music throughout the week. Moreover, from 4 to 7 p.m., the artistic cast continues to delight guests of the Valtellina resort at the Kosmo restaurant, at the departure point of the Mottolino gondola, with an unmissable après-ski, to end a day of skiing by singing and dancing all together.     
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Freak n tonic dance show
Amidst the slopes of the Mottolino Snowpark there is a real gem hidden in the snow to be discovered and photographed: it is the G91 fighter bomber, called "Gina" by the airmen, a military aircraft that was also used for the aerobatics of the Frecce Tricolori national team until 1982 and remained operational until ten years later. The G91 was then brought to the slopes of Livigno on a snowcat, thus offering an additional attraction not only to all winter sports enthusiasts who can spot it between one descent and the next, but also to the more curious visitors who want to have an unusual experience and discover a piece of history. 

Mottolino aereo




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