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There for me - Johannes Høsflot Klaebo


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Bread and Salami - Barbara Guarischi


 Livestock and gasoline.

Grass to mow and tires to inflate.

Wipers and cheese.

Hard work again and again.

I come from a family that never questioned the meaning of work because the answer has been rooted in it since its existence.

My family would spend half of its time working the land and attending to the livestock and the other half struggling from evening to morning to manage two gas stations in the fog of the Bergamo suburbs.

Only God knows how many boys and girls grew up the same way in my area and beyond; children of an Italy raised on the ideas of their grandparents, the wish for independence, the stern frankness of the ordinary, which knows no rest and cannot give in to holidays.

At least not all of them.


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The Shadow Theatre - Saverio Zini

My story is a story like many.

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Cassana Pass - Mattia Longa

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Summer in livigno: the 5 activities you won't miss with the family

For all mountain lovers, Livigno is the ideal destination to live experiencesunforgettable experiences with the family surrounded by unspoiled nature: a unique and  fascinating in which to combine relaxation, fun and sports - both for adults and children - throughout the summer period.

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