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In Livigno by Sandro Mottini

The Mottini family and the Beppin cousins.
Achille Compagnoni and the four brothers.
Thoeni's dad, Don Parenti and the Longa family.
Engineer Pellentz and the Sartorelli family.
To write a story, you should always start by defining its characters, and when you want to tell a one that is one-hundred years old, the candidates are plenty, and someone always ends up outside the frame.

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Livigno rewards you with Win the Wonder Winter

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There ever since by Tobia Silvestri

The Olympics revolution always starts from the bottom up.
It starts at ground level and grows upwards, like a little brother who you watch grow one day at a time. Where I am now, on the far side of China, a short distance from Mongolia, there was nothing until a few years ago.
No structures.
No buildings.
No installations.
Just ice, the mountains and a small local community, that used mules to go up and down the paths and only had electricity until seven in the evening, before someone, somewhere, turned off the meters.

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New Year Eve in Livigno: 6 activities to spend a different day

The flavor of the New Year Eve is festive, you greet the past year welcoming the new one with good intentions ... and then why not spend a last day of the year with activities outside the ordinary? Here are our tips to live a December 31st outside the box.

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Gift Livigno for your Christmas

Piccolo Tibet launches "Contrabbando, il gin bandito" (Contraband, the bandit gin), a limited and numbered edition of London Dry to give the authentic taste of juniper berries collected in the land. Forge of creativity, dynamism and innovation, Livigno also launches the new board game Filón- al plu guz da Livign, available from Thursday 23 December.

After the garments of the winter collection signed by Livigno, this year the Piccolo Tibet surprises its visitors with two new products that enhance the tradition and the history of the resort, but also the entrepreneurial spirit and the initiative of its community, which has contributed to makingthis ancient alpine territory, one of the most prestigious mountain resorts in Italy.

Filón- al plu guz da Livign (the board game that rewards the most cunning of Livigno)

Who is looking for an original gift, has one more reason to visit the Little Tibet: from Thursday 23rd of December it will be possible to buy Filón"- al plu guz da Livign (in Livigno's dialect -the most cunning of Livigno). Filòn is the new board game set in Little Tibet where you can challenge friends and family and, at the same time, get to know the commercial activities of the town, from the Livigno Dairy to the Aquagranda center. Once you have chosen your pawn, the game begins that leads the participants to buy, sell, build and bargain hotels, apartments and ski lifts in order to bankrupt the opponents, and prove that they deserve the title of the most astute of Livigno.

Between Quiz cards and Occasions to be taken on the fly, the game rewards cunning, shrewdness and ability to face adversities and transform them into opportunities. Filòn well represents the locality and its history, also dotted with individuals with tenacity, ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and flair for business. 
The first inhabitants of Livigno, of unknown origin, settled here despite the harsh climate, building their houses in the valley in single file, directly on the meadows, carefully mowed once a year to obtain forage necessary to feed the cattle.
In the course of the centuries, also because of its isolated position and a subsistence economy, at theterritory of Livigno were recognized special rights, from which derives the status of customs-free zone. In spite of certain fiscal advantages, the village did not change either its aspect or habits and in the next one hundred and fifty years, the inhabitants remained almost all peasants and farmers.

Once the Foscagno Pass and the Munt la Schera Tunnel were introduced, within a few decades, ski facilities, comfortable hotels and lodgings, entertainment and accurate services were built. Today, old stables and barns have been partly converted into perfumeries and luxury boutiques, the houses have multiplied to welcome the ever more numerous visitors. The snow, which in the past had condemned this territory to isolation in the past, has turned out to be one of its most precious resources, combined with uncontaminated nature and the high quality of services and infrastructure.

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