Livigno and the Alpine Cup: a shared vision, between past and future

Livigno and the Alpine Cup: a shared vision, between past and future

Livigno 24/04/2024

It is already a deep relationship that has been created between Livigno and the Coppa delle Alpi, a historic competition on the international scene, which promotes sports tourism in the most spectacular and iconic places in the entire Alpine region.

The event, organised by the prestigious 1000 miles company, brings 30 magnificent vintage cars to our beloved mountains, for a route consisting of five stages, crossing the borders of Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and France. This is a great motorsport tradition and an eagerly awaited appointment for enthusiasts, which is also accompanied by numerous side initiatives aimed at stimulating and promoting discussion on environmental and social sustainability. Believing in a project of this magnitude, in fact, means seeing reflected in it a piece of one's own identity and idea of sport, understood as an instrument of cohesion and collective wellbeing, values that are at the basis of all Livigno's investments and partnerships. A locality that builds its future starting from the rediscovery and recounting of the past and that always seeks to bring new value to a path that is now several centuries old, especially when it comes to sport. Exactly as the '1000 Miglia' and the 'Coppa delle Alpi' do


Livigno, for a long time a destination that was difficult to reach due to its border location, has been able to transform itself over time, becoming a true paradise for sports tourism, and opening its doors to thousands of visitors, who reach its slopes, roads and facilities from every corner of the planet. A large and passionate group, including hundreds of great international champions, exponents of the most diverse disciplines who prepare for World Cups, Olympics and international competitions in the embrace of Little Tibet. And the Alpine Cup fits right into this narrative: an encounter between nature and technology, between machine and man, between the history of our magnificent mountains and the planning of their future prospects.


An adventure that can take on different nuances for each traveller, but that allows everyone, without distinction, to tie the threads of an ancient tradition to the most modern idea of sustainable sport, one that makes Livigno close, just a click away, but without losing the ancient charm of a unique corner of the World. Enriched today, also by the Alpine Cup.





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