Livigno Sport 01/03/2024

The generous snowfall in recent days bodes well for all winter sports enthusiasts: an abundant blanket of soft fresh snow has spread over Livigno and is attracting all those in search of healthy fun in a real winter 'playground'.

In fact, a 'new' winter seems to have arrived in Little Tibet: from October to today, 43 snowfalls have tinged the Valtellina's top resort white, for a total of 587.7 cm of snow. The 160cm currently present in the destination - higher than the historical average to date of 156cm -, as well as the abundant snowfall expected also in the coming days, make winter sports enthusiasts dream big, who will be able to enjoy the winter season until the planned closure at the beginning of May.

The immense expanses of soft, fresh snow are perfect for all backcountry fans who can go in search of that sense of freedom that only freeriding can give, often accompanied by Alpine Guides to safely tackle the spectacular descents off the groomed slopes.

The backcountry areas can be easily reached thanks to the ski lifts that provide access to immaculate places waiting to be ploughed by freeriders. Once in the valley, skis or board on your feet, by lift or public transport, there is the possibility of setting off again and having fun.

For those who want to experience a highly adrenalin-packed freeride experience, there is the option of heliskiing: the fun starts with a helicopter take-off from one of the available helicopter pads and continues by reaching the highest points of the Livigno Alps, where freeriders - previously instructed in safety information and accompanied by a UIAGM Alpine Guide - can then launch themselves into an exciting off-piste descent.
More information is available directly on the resort's website: https://

For those who want to have a more 'wild' experience, there are really remote areas in Livigno that can be easily reached on foot - with skis on your back - or by ski mountaineering: this discipline requires physical effort and commitment to reach peaks that are different from those of alpine skiing, but it is all repaid once you reach the top, which offers a privileged view of the Livigno area. For neophytes who want to approach this sport, the resort has 'managed trails ', paths created by the Progetto Freeride team: there are five of them, marked with blue and orange poles, and they are groomed with every new snowfall, as well as supervised by experts to guarantee the best possible experience. Alpine Guides are also on hand to accompany those who want to have this experience, always with the rescue tools such as artva, shovel and probe.

For all off-piste sports, the Freeride Project is fundamental: unique in Italy, activated and strengthened by the Livigno municipality, this project sees as its fundamental basis the dissemination of daily information on the area and snowpack conditions, as well as advice and fundamental elements for tackling off-piste skiing more safely.
This data is transmitted daily via the Avalanche Bulletin, a daily information service produced every morning by Livigno's Avalanche Service , which provides all the information on the stability of the snowpack in each area of Livigno.
The Snow Quality Bulletin is also a fundamental means of experiencing a day in the snow in a more conscious manner: available daily, it illustrates the snow conditions, the quality of skiing and the exposure of stones in the three different skiable areas (alpine, in the forest, below the forest).
The information is available on the resort's official website, on local signs, on videos displayed at ski lift stations, on totems in the village and on the free MyLivigno app.

For a quicker use of information related to weather and snow in the resort, the new Instagram profile Livigno Weather has been active since a few weeks. Here it is possible to get information in real time and in a clear and simple way about the evolution of weather phenomena and snowpack conditions. The team of experts, through videos and carousels, tries to enthuse locals and tourists to the most accurate reading of the weather phenomena in the locality, informing and enabling them to better plan their own holiday, also based on the weather.

The Freeride Project and Livigno Weather are possible thanks to AlpSolut, a private Italian company based in Livigno, member of the European Avalanche Warning Services Association (EAWS), which deals with the study and realisation of snow and weather bulletins and risk management of access routes for the Municipality of Livigno.




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