Livigno 19/06/2023

Summer in Livigno has just begun, and while the trails are starting to get crowded with mountain hikers, taking advantage of the sunny days that the fine weather brings to venture through the spectacular, green-tinged landscapes, the more curious can let themselves be surprised by some unusual activities and enjoy an alternative holiday. 

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Those who want to immerse themselves in local customs and traditions can experience A Farmer's Day: by donning the shoes of a farmer, in fact, you can experience the thrill of reliving the traditions of yesteryear by delving into Livigno's history and culture, surrounded only by the beauty of nature. At the Malga Federia it is possible to come into contact with the animals by trying your hand at milking cows and goats, savouring the typical farmer's dinner, prepared with appetising and genuine dishes, sleeping on site and waking up the next day at dawn to take the animals out to pasture and returning to the valley late in the morning. 

Another incredible experience in contact with nature and animals is trekking with llamas and alpacas at Agriturismo La Tresenda: you will walk for about 30 minutes along one of the trails around the farm in the company of these very friendly animals, admiring the beauty of the mountain paths in summer. 
From the first of July, Avventurando, one of Livigno's adventure parks, will also open, suitable for both adults and children in search of adrenaline. Immersed in the unspoilt nature of Val delle Mine and accompanied by a qualified mountain guide, you will climb steep rock faces, cross rivers, alpine canyons and trails to enjoy a unique adventure experience. 

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For those who prefer to relax from the first light of dawn, enjoying the immaculate silence of the mountains, every Sunday it is possible to become one with the surrounding nature thanks to the Yoga Experience: starting from the Ristoro Carosello 3000, you will arrive at a point where the view of the Livigno valley will create a breathtaking atmosphere. There, a special Yoga lesson with the Sun Salutation ritual will take place, followed by a tasty breakfast at the mountain hut. 
Alternatively, for those who prefer to explore the mountain trails while the valley is still asleep, the ideal activity is the Sunrise Experience: an almost two-hour walk along a path from which to admire the peaks of the Bernina and Ortles Cevedale ranges illuminated by the first rays of the sun. At the return of the walk, you can then regenerate yourself with a delicious sweet and savoury breakfast at Carosello 3000. 

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For a wild experience, different from the ordinary, one can also take a trip to the baitél: five very special small huts, located on the edge of Livigno's forest, which offer shelter to walkers in case of bad weather. The baitél can also be used as resting places, both during the day and at night, where barbecues can be held thanks to the outdoor barbecue. 

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Sports enthusiasts, on the other hand, can go to Aquagranda, Livigno's fitness and wellness centre, now also the Olympic Training Centre, where the beach volleyball and beach tennis court allows matches to give vent to adrenalin, or swim like true champions at a height of 1,816 metres, thanks to the recently inaugurated 50-metre Olympic pool. 





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