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During the summer months, Livigno's nature, a protagonist in every season of the year, is tinged with greenery and offers itself as a setting for enjoying moments of relaxation. It is also a fundamental element for psychophysical well-being and regenerating the five senses: the fresh, pure mountain air, exposure to the sun, proximity to the natural elements and distance from the hustle and bustle of everyday life have positive effects on body and mind. 

The Little Tibet of Europe, with its 1816 metres of altitude and two slopes rich in nature, therefore confirms itself as an ideal destination for those in search of a 'slow ' holiday, marked by a slow rhythm and ideal for the well-being of mind and body. The beautiful days that the summer season can offer are ideal for those who want to dedicate some time to themselves by choosing "slow" activities in contact with nature, letting themselves be enveloped by its tranquillity and peace, such as the Yoga Experience, available every Sunday from mid-July until the beginning of September: once you meet the instructor at 06.00 at the Carosello 3000 cableway and reach the top, you will reach a panoramic point with a privileged view over the Livigno valley. While the first light of day illuminates the landscape, the yoga lesson will take place, with the ritual of the Sun Salutation: a moment to find oneself and relax thanks to the immaculate silence of the mountain, followed by a tasty sweet and savoury breakfast in the mountain hut.



Trekking is also one of the slow-moving activities that allow one to immerse oneself in Livigno's nature and enjoy its benefits: the 1,500 km of trails on both sides, immersed in the unspoilt nature of the Italian Alps, allow one to feel in harmony with the beauty of the mountains and its panoramas, breathing in clean air, invigorating the body and regenerating the soul step by step.
During the walk, it will also be possible to discover the local flora, hunting for forest fruits and wild herbs and plants, which have always been valuable ingredients for making various ointments, essential oils and traditional remedies handed down from generation to generation. Some of them are also present in Livigno's culinary tradition, such as the dandelion - called letación by the people of Livigno - which grows luxuriantly in the area and is known for its beneficial properties. It is an edible plant, the flower of which is used to make molasses, or mel da letación in Livigno dialect, which is a natural sweetener, while the leaves of the dandelion are used to create tasty salads, such as inzalata da pra. All the recipes have been collected in the bilingual photographic book 'Leina da Saor', created by the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs and published by Mondadori.


For those who prefer to combine the slow pace with contact with animals - which also contributes to improving psychophysical wellbeing - Livigno offers the horse-drawn carriage tour, ideal for those who want to enjoy the mountain sun, caressed by the crisp air of the high altitude, while admiring the landscape along the cycle path to the Luigion lake, and the lama and alpaca walk, which offers visitors a truly unusual and special experience, thanks to a 30-minute hike along the river near the La Tresenda farmhouse, accompanied by these very friendly animals while admiring the beauty of mountain paths in summer.
A visit to the Malga Federia also offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in the authenticity of nature in all its aspects: after the experience of visiting the cowshed and the dairy, it will be possible to dine on genuine, local, km0 products.


Manual activities are also a resource for the well-being of body, soul and mind: the Atelier of Vania Cusini, an eclectic artist who uses natural elements - such as wood, snow, iron, hay and other recycled materials - to create her sculptures, offers various interactive and creative experiences, such as the Art Experience, to immerse oneself in the thousand facets of art and become the protagonist of a slow-paced activity during which one can create a small work of art.

In addition, there is no lack of slow activities in Livigno in the name of culture, such as the free visit to the Carderia - available every Friday from 26 July to 30 August - during which you can watch the traditional process of wool processing thanks to the operation of ancient carding machines, first hydraulic and now electric, thus rediscovering the beauty of the work of yesteryear.




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