Livigno 25/09/2023

When autumn arrives in Little Tibet, the landscape is tinged with endless shades of brown, yellow and red, transforming itself into a marvellous impressionist painting, in which the colours merge with one another: a true spectacle for both the eyes and the mind, able to encourage national and international citizens and tourists to experience days marked by a slow pace and to immerse themselves completely in the scents and flavours of the mountains 

There are therefore three fundamental colours that characterise the autumn break in Livigno, not only because they colour the local flora but also because they are closely linked to some of the activities to be enjoyed during the autumn days, between nature, relaxation and shopping.

In this season, brown is the autumn colour closely linked to nature, which is the protagonist of the Valtellina resort: it is the predominant colour of the more than 1,500 km of mountain trails that wind along the mountains that embrace the town. Among them, there are four trails - suitable for all types of fitness - that allow you to breathe in the colours of autumn in the company of friends and family, enjoying the spectacle of green fir trees giving way to larch trees in warm shades.

The Sentiero Tröi da li Téa, which starts at Pont Lonch, is a walk suitable for everyone that allows you to walk through larch forests, enjoying the silence of the mountains in this season. Along the route there are also tees, small huts typical of Livigno's tradition that were once the summer homes of shepherds, where you can rest or enjoy your packed lunch of typical products before resuming the walk and arriving at your destination, where your eyes can enjoy a breathtaking panorama before descending to the valley to the mouth of Val Federia.
The Art Trail, on the other hand, starts at the Larix Park and, after a short climb with panoramic views, follows a beaten earth road where the wooden sculptures created by the artists taking part in Wood'n'Art are placed. The 1km-long trail then winds its way through the woods, crossing the Livigno Valley, which thus becomes a veritable open-air art gallery.
While the Baitel da Plascianet path shows one of the most beautiful views of the Little Tibet valley: the route enters the forest to arrive at a large green clearing, a privileged and panoramic position where the Baitel da Plascianet is located, a bivouac open to the public where it is possible to stop for lunch surrounded by nature.
Slightly more treacherous than the previous ones, the last path is the one leading to the Baitel di Sc'taur, which allows you to reach an altitude of 2,150 metres and admire the Livigno Valley from above. It climbs up a fairly steep path through the larch forest and continues along the ridge of Monte Motto. From here, you reach the Baitel di Sc'taur, a traditional bivouac where you can rest and contemplate the wonders of Livigno's nature.

Warm and energising, yellow is the colour that can be combined with the numerous proposals of the Aquagranda fitness and wellness centre, now also an Olympic Preparation Centre. Among the many services offered, in addition to the saunas with various temperatures and the salt-water swimming pool, the sauna masters, who with hourly appointments dedicate themselves to the Aufguss Rituals, will give you the pleasure of feeling deeply regenerated and relaxed: the ritual involves pouring water mixed with essential oils onto the hot stones positioned above the sauna brazier. Once the water has evaporated, the essential oil particles are diffused in the room and the sauna master, through rhythmic movements of a towel, accompanied also by background music, directs the hot, aromatised steam in the direction of the guests, offering an intense multi-sensory experience.

And then there is the ever-present red, Livigno's third autumnal shade, which can be associated with the credit card movements of all shopping addicts who, strolling along the streets of the pedestrianised centre, will feel in paradise: in the more than 250 shops, exclusive boutiques and single-brand boutiques with a selection of prestigious Italian and international brands from different sectors - fashion, accessories and beauty, both for him and for her -, they will be able to buy different products following the trends of Autumn-Winter 2023 and, in the meantime, observe the imposing majesty of the Livigno mountains or stop in one of the many bars and restaurants to taste typical and seasonal dishes, such as a delicious polenta with freshly picked mushrooms or discover new recipes based on chestnuts, a must-have ingredient of the autumn season.





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