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Hike&More: 5 activities that make hiking special

Published by Livigno on August 06 2020
For mountain and cool climate lovers, but also for those who want to spend time with family or friends immersed in the beauty of nature, summer becomes synonymous with walking and hiking.

You don't necessarily need to be an expert in extreme sports: in Livigno the mountain is for everyone and to make every summer's stay in Little Tibet more enjoyable is the hiking offer, full of experiences and activities suitable for any age and level. To make everything even more incredible there is the Hike&More, the program of unique experiences that combine hiking with biking, yoga, climbing or even kayaking.

1. BIKE & HIKE - when hiking meets bike
The combination of these two activities creates an unforgettable experience: every Monday, from 6th July to 31st August, together with the Alpine Guide you reach a suggestive 3000m peak by combining trekking with the e-bike. The tour starts from the centre of Livigno with the e-bike, so you can easily and quickly travel the first part of the path and get as close as possible to 2300-2500 meters. The last 500-700m are instead covered on foot, until you reach the 3000 meters of one of the peaks between Monte Vago, Monte Breva, Pizzo Filone or, finally, Monte Cotschen.

2. YOGA EXPERIENCE - CAROSELLO 3000 - hiking, sun salutation and wellness brunch.
The experience is a real greeting to the sun: every Sunday, from 19 July to 6 September, the departure is at 6.30 from the Ristoro Carosello 3000, from which you go up by cable car and proceed along the crest of the mountain until you get to the Madonon, a suggestive spot with a view over the whole Livigno valley. Here is hold a special Ashtanga Yoga lesson in front of the sun rising between the peaks, and then returns to the Carosello 3000 refuge and concludes the experience in the best possible way with a wellness brunch among the peaks of Little Tibet.
Yoga Carosello

3. YOGA ACTIVE - hiking, climbing, yoga and mountaineering
Mountaineering, climbing and trekking have a lot in common with Yoga: aimed at improving flexibility and respiratory awareness, this experience sees Alpine Guides and a Yoga Teacher collaborating every Sunday, from 5 July to 30 August. The result is an increase in physical well-being through small and large gestures that can change the way you live outdoors.
4. AVVENTURANDO IN VAL DELLE MINE - adrenaline, adventure and hiking
To be enjoyed with friends but also with the whole family, Avventurando in Val delle Mine is a journey through the pristine nature of the Val delle Mine. It begins by crossing a short via ferrata and zip-lines, suspended over alpine streams and canyons, and continues then juggling between fords and trails of balance and skill.

5. LAKE EXPERIENCE - kayak on the lake after a pleasant walk
The experience begins with a short walk that continues from the dairy along a flat dirt trail. Immersed in a wonderful larch forest and just over 2 km long, the trail runs along the lake offering a pleasant walk suitable for everyone, even families with strollers. Arrived at the Ristoro Alpisella, at the pier, it is possible to rent 1 or 2 seater kayaks, pedal boats up to 5 seater, perfect for a family tour, but also the classic rowboats or, for the more experienced, the stand up paddle. From here it is possible to take a quiet ride on the crystal clear waters of Lake Livigno and reach the floating island, a small wooden island in the heart of the lake where you can moor for sunbathing on deckchairs and benches or take a truly unique photo.

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