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Hello, I'm MUS Museum of Livigno!

Pubblicato da Alice Martinelli il 18 December 2019


Come to Livigno to discover the history of Little Tibet: 

I think that here my fascination lies, in being an authentic Livigno house of the past. Of course, they had to tweak me a little, but only to make me more accessible and safe. Come closer, I'm not shy. Indeed, I love being photographed: in summer I am surrounded by colorful flowers, while in winter the white snow decorates me with lace. I also have a covered well, a fence and a small vegetable garden, just like the old houses. I would say that they made me really cute, what do you say?


But ... I see you a little alarmed. A museum that speaks? No, don't worry, you have not exaggerated with mulled wine, and the cold does not cause hallucinations. You know, museums tell many, many stories: they were created precisely for this, to preserve memories, objects, traditions. Especially if they are ethnographic museums, like me: I exist to keep alive the memory of the particular history of my town, to make it clear to those who enter my rooms as they once lived and how things have changed in a short time. Telling stories is my job, let's say, and I do it in many different ways, because I'm a creative type.
So don't be surprised if you hear my little voice.


Where were we? Ah yes, the presentations. I'm the Museum of Livigno and Trepalle, but everyone calls me Mus!: it's a little more modern name and tells a lot about me and my territory.

If you are curious and have a little patience, one day I will tell you the meaning of my name and many, many curiosities about me and my beautiful country. Always keep your ears open, therefore, when you pass these parts. My stories are ready to be told.

And don't forget, Sunday 22nd December 22nd, I'm turning four! For the occasion, you are all invited to the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Livigno at 17:00. I'll show you in preview two short but great videos, regarding traditions of the past that survive today thanks to the commitment and passion of the volunteers. An official recognition of the "Friends of the Museum" and a small refreshment will follow. We are waiting for you!

Discover the stories I have to tell you, follow me on the official facebook and instagram page :)


Come to Livigno to discover the history of Little Tibet:

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