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"A Mattias' dream", gourmet dinner in a cablecar

Pubblicato da Livigno il 05 August 2019

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On Sunday 15th September 2019, will be held the first edition of the gourmet event "Un Sogno di Mattias" (A Mattias'Dream), organized by the Mattias Association, in memory of his friend and colleague Mattias Peri, first starred chef of Livigno.

A secret wish for over 20 years, when Chef Mattias dreamt of a gourmet dinner in a cablecar, and on the 15th September 2019, this dream will come to life: a four-course menu that will allow you to take a trip in the taste with the dishes that have been the signature of Mattias, while the panoramic gondolas of the Carosello 3000 will bring you at high altitude, in the unique setting of the starry sky and lights of Livigno.

At the end of the gondola dinner, an auction will follow, open to all even to those not attending the dinner, where you will be able to win the "Mattias" artwork created by local artists and sculptors.
The story of Mattias Peri is a story of love, passion and dedication to haute cuisine and taste, which led him to enhance the natural ingredients of Valtellina in unforgettable Gourmet dishes to win a place in the vault of Michelin star chefs. Graduated at the Schools of Hotel Management and Catering in Sondrio but nevertheless defined himself as self-taught, working in the restaurant that bears his name and which he had opened in his own town, Mattias Peri loved to express himself with a modern kitchen, so closely tied to the raw materials and ingredients of the territory as open to the influences of contemporary international gastronomy.

Thanks to him, to his work, to his commitment to rediscovering the flavors of the valley, but also for his attention to young chefs and the promises of Italian gastronomy, which he has always tried to motivate and spur to reach their goals and crown their passion for cooking, but above all from the memory of a great Chef and his passion, the Mattias Onlus Association was born three years ago, to give continuity to his example and his values.

In addition to continuing the work done by Mattias Peri in the Italian and international gastronomy, the primary and principal objective of the Association has always been to reward deserving students of the Schools of Hotel Management and Catering of Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige, to help them cultivate their culinary skills and their passion.

To these students, the commission of founders of the Mattias Association has donated scholarships to support their specialization and professional growth for three years; together with the scholarship, each of the awarded students received a contribution from the Association for their own school. The 10 students are selected on the basis of the results obtained in the studies during the school year, and of their positioning in the culinary challenge that has as jury the Michelin Starred Chefs friends of Mattias, including Alessandro Gilmozzi, Alessandro Negrini, Giancarlo Morelli, Fabrizio Camer (for the Italian Federation of Chefs) and Claudio Prandi; Last year, with the 2nd Edition of the Mattias Peri Competition, the Association awarded schools and students about a total of 15,000 euros between the various scholarships.

This year, almost exactly one month after the third edition of the competition, which will be held on October 26th at the prestigious Hotel Institute of San Pellegrino Terme in Bergamo, the Association is ready to realize another of the dreams that Mattias has always cherished in his mind and his heart. And this is how the first edition of the "Mattias Dream" gourmet event will be held in Livigno on Sunday, September 15, 2019, to make reality the desire that the chef had expressed about 20 years ago: to organize a gourmet dinner in the cable car, serving to the guests a dedicated menu to live the experience of a journey in the taste of his land.

The money raised from the evening and the auction will support the Association's initiatives aimed at promoting the growth of young chefs. 

Gondola for 4 people: € 480.00
Gondola for 3 people: € 400.00
Gondola for 2 people: € 360.00

Reservations are mandatory and possible starting from the 5th of August 2019, and can be done from Monday to Friday at the events office of APT Livigno, Via Saroch 1098 / a. Places are limited, 120 people maximum.

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