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Check&Go: Trekking and MTB away from crowd

Pubblicato da Livigno il 09 July 2020
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Summer has finally arrived, giving our Livigno amazing colors and scents.

Kissed by a warm sun and surrounded by mountains colored by typical seasonal flowers, our Little Tibet is a joy for the eyes, thanks to a landscape that strikes the sight but above all the heart.

Loyal visitors are already aware of this; this is the best time for a full immersion in our town, thanks to the pleasant temperatures that allow you to make nice walks in the village, trekking in the woods, fun bike rides; carefree moments between pure air and sport, accompanied by a desired - and rediscovered - sense of freedom.

We are here, ready to welcome you and happy to do so by giving you a practical and tangible solution to the social distancing required by the current health situation. So, trumpet blast and drum roll! Today we present one of the novelties of this summer 2020: the Check&Go, a revolutionary tool that brings together months of study, work and great innovation.

It works in a really simple way:

1) At the entrance of the suggestive valleys, you will find an information board combined with a QR code.
2) In a few seconds, thanks to the camera on your phone, you will be automatically directed to a dedicated web page, where it will be possible to consult, in real time, the turnout level of each trail.
3) Always at the entrance of the valley, in a minute and with a single click, you will be able to check-in, informing other visitors of your presence in that valley.
4) You will be able to view the situation of the various valleys even before you go trekking, comfortably from your hotel, choosing the trail where you will be sure not to meet too many people, and therefore enjoying a full day of walking or cycling, completely immersed in nature and far from chaos.

There are 6 valleys where you can find this innovative system:
  1. Val Alpisella: With its flat path, suitable for young and old, the Val Alpisella will allow you to stroll along the suggestive Livigno lake.
    Ristoro Val Alpisella
  2. Cancano lakes: Arriving at the lake, you can take the trail that leads to the majestic lakes of Cancano; this excursion stands out thanks to landscapes that excite and truly unique views.
    Laghi di Cancano
  3. Val Federia: is the pearl of Livigno; 6 km and a half walk divided into two different trails; both cross wide meadows and the characteristic tees, our wooden huts.
    Val Federia (181)
  4. Valle delle Mine: it also offers two different types of trails; the first winds its way through the woods, and the second, wider, also allows you to go up by bicycle. Both lead to the Malga delle Mine.
    Val delle Mine (149)
  5. Val Nera: is one of the most popular valley; to be included in your list of trekkings, it leads to the imposing waterfall and a small suspension bridge over the river.
    Val Nera (182)_m
  6. Art Trail:  is a real open-air gallery: 1 km of enchanting wooden sculptures that will accompany you all the way.
    Sentiero darte
Are you already dreaming about each trail, aren't you? You imagine yourself on your bicycle, carefree, or you seem to hear the sound of your footsteps, that of the branches moving at the rhythm of the wind, the unmistakable scent of the woods. It's a completely normal reaction, but hold on tight because it doesn't end there!

The Check&Go trails won't be the only innovation dedicated to Trekking and MTB enthusiasts. Through our official website or from the App, (downloadable through the Apple store and Google Play) you can also consult the best classic and 3D maps of each route, as well as descriptions, altimetry, gpx faces. A service that will allow you to be completely seduced by the more than 3,200 km of trails that cross our valley. Everyone falls in love: try to believe.

Among the news of this summer, you will also find the picnic map, a tool that will allow you to combine business with pleasure: you can organize unforgettable excursions that will frame our mountains, but also the scent of a tasty and well-deserved packed lunch .

The woods that enchant, the clean air, the pleasure of performing healthy physical activity, far from the confusion and frenzy that usually accompany everyday life.
Whether it's trekking or MTB, or if you simply have a romantic picnic in mind, Livigno will always be able to satisfy you, giving you wonderful days characterized by a single direct contact; the one with mother nature.

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