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In Livigno by Sandro Mottini

The Mottini family and the Beppin cousins.
Achille Compagnoni and the four brothers.
Thoeni's dad, Don Parenti and the Longa family.
Engineer Pellentz and the Sartorelli family.
To write a story, you should always start by defining its characters, and when you want to tell a one that is one-hundred years old, the candidates are plenty, and someone always ends up outside the frame.

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There ever since by Tobia Silvestri

The Olympics revolution always starts from the bottom up.
It starts at ground level and grows upwards, like a little brother who you watch grow one day at a time. Where I am now, on the far side of China, a short distance from Mongolia, there was nothing until a few years ago.
No structures.
No buildings.
No installations.
Just ice, the mountains and a small local community, that used mules to go up and down the paths and only had electricity until seven in the evening, before someone, somewhere, turned off the meters.

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Challenges - by Luca Moretti

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Reflections by Marianna Longa

The best version of oneself always appears reflected in others, in their qualities and ideas. Parallel worlds, changed by time, and made different by life, that sooner or later touch each other, and draw common parables.
At least for a while.

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Discovering even the most hidden corners of the Little Tibet becomes an exciting challenge thanks to a contest that, until September 26th, rewards the desire to explore. The proposals are active and fun, accessible to all, that combines itineraries on foot or on two wheels in the heart of the Italian Alps. Up for grabs are winter stays, technological gadgets and accessories for sports.

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