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Discovering even the most hidden corners of the Little Tibet becomes an exciting challenge thanks to a contest that, until September 26th, rewards the desire to explore. The proposals are active and fun, accessible to all, that combines itineraries on foot or on two wheels in the heart of the Italian Alps. Up for grabs are winter stays, technological gadgets and accessories for sports.

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Something beautiful | by Elia Viviani

When important things arrive, those that change your life, after all, you always want to believe in them, even when, inside you, a voice repeats: "not too much, please".

You want them to be possible scenarios, but you still have to be careful not to deceive yourself. Because the disappointment of having believed in it and then of not having succeeded, would risk leaving you empty inside, which is never a good thing.

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Dinosaurs on the mountain | by Marco De Gasperi

How much is a pat worth.
How much is a kiss worth.
How much is a “good job” worth.
The mountains are made of tales and of the echo of their winds, that no paintings and no film can ever sum up in something that fits in a pocket of your jeans.
The valleys, the mushrooms, the rocks.
The new shoes at my feet, running shoes, that my father gave to me and tied for the first and last time, so that I could follow him on the trail, amid the holly trees.

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Murphy's law | by Letizia Paternoster

I’m first and foremost a girl, a women who loves to bike, who wants to pursue her dreams. Because my dreams revolve mostly around sports right now.
They are huge.
And I could give up anything just to fulfil my dream.
People don’t know this, people will never understand this, because it is something only I can feel.

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