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Treasure in the garden | by Michela Moioli

January 14 2021
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(Hi)Story of a Larch Tree

November 02 2020
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Autumn Trekking

September 25 2020
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Hike&More: 5 activities that make hiking special

August 06 2020
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Farmer for a day in the Alps of Livigno

August 04 2020
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Exclusive shopping, high altitude pleasure

July 30 2020
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Holidays within “tapping” distance: the My Livigno app

July 28 2020
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5 unmissable experiences in Livigno for the whole family

July 24 2020
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Check&Go: Trekking and MTB away from crowd

July 09 2020
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A secret message in tricolor heart on Livigno's meadows.

June 27 2020
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Livigno Team at the Biathlon World Cup

February 13 2020
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There’s much more love in the air at 1816m: 6 ideas for celebrating the perfect valentine’s day

February 12 2020
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In Livigno the World Rookie Fest is back, the launching pad for future snowboarding champions

January 12 2020
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New Year's Eve in Livigno: 5 tips to make it unforgettable

December 20 2019
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Hello, I'm MUS Museum of Livigno!

December 18 2019
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Alberto Tomba in a white Livigno: Little Tibet welcomes a Big Champion

December 09 2019
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December 04 2019
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Livigno is Family Friendly! 5 good reasons to choose it for your family holidays

November 22 2019
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Skilifts are open in Livigno: +60cm in town and 95cm on peaks

November 14 2019
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Pellegrini vs Pellegrino, challenge in Livigno pool

October 29 2019
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Altitude Training on fire in Livigno: from Pellegrino to Johaug. Italian Swim Team training for Tokio 2020

October 23 2019
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Black Night in Livigno: candles and stars for a magic night

August 09 2019
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Livigno ICON: where the triathlon is epic and where people climb the giants

August 06 2019
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"A Mattias' dream", gourmet dinner in a cablecar

August 05 2019
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Real Snow in August? In Livigno it's possible!

August 03 2019
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Livigno, the Champions' choice

August 02 2019
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Livigno & Duty Free Shopping at high altitude

June 29 2019
Days are longer, temperature is mildly warmer and the Little Tibet welcomes its tourists dressed in the colors of summer. That Livigno is the perfect place for wellness and sports lovers is well known, but perhaps not everyone knows that it deserves a place in paradise also as regards one of the most relaxing activities that exist in the world: shopping!
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It's official: Livigno will host the Olympics 2026

June 24 2019

It's 06:01 pm, and Livigno can officially feel the thrill of the Olympic dream. Indeed, has just concluded in Lausanne the conference in which the 86 members of the International Olympic Committee expressed their preference among the two candidate countries for the 2026 Winter Olympics: Italy and Sweden. Now we can say it: #DreamingTogether!

With 47 votes in favor of Italy, Milan-Cortina is confirmed as the site of the Winter Olympic Games in 2026, and Livigno will be part of this incredible project since it will host the Freestyle and Snowboard competitions, as well as the Olympic Village.

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Livigno Family Friendly: an unforgettable Family Holiday in the Italian Alps

June 18 2019

Warm sun and clear skies perfectly describe the Good Morning! we enjoyed from Little Tibet today. At dawn there were already visitors kitted out with rucksacks and walking shoes wandering along the many pathways in the area in order to spend time enjoying nature with their families.

Among these were Davide, Elisabetta and their children: “Livigno was where we came on our first holiday as a couple and, today, as our family has grown, we still find it is the perfect place for our holidays. We know we’ll be able to enjoy happy, carefree, relaxing days here, having enormous fun with our children. The bond we have with this place is inexplicable - it stems from our hearts and reconciles perfectly with our minds.”

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Summer in aquagranda: new features, events and fun for everyone

June 07 2019

Relax with a multi-sensory Aufguss experience guided by our sauna masters, meditate  whilst engaging both your body and mind under the starry sky the night of San Lorenzo, or even treat yourself to a regenerating scrub. These are events from June to August at Aquagranda that you simply must not miss during your stay in Livigno.

Aquagranda is one of the highest sports centres above sea level in Europe, where fun, sport and relaxation coexist, a real open-air gym covering 10,000m2 that attracts sportsmen and women and national teams from all over the world, specialising in a range of disciplines. This - and so much more - is Aquagranda Active You!, a sports and wellness centre in step with the times that brings together all the necessary services for lovers of sport indeed, but not only.

For summer 2019, there are so many appointments in the Wellness&Relax area, specifically for those of our visitors wishing to take a real holiday focussing on wellbeing indeed, but also those who want to recover and build up their energy levels after a sports packed day.

Aufguss experience in the Finnish sauna

Don’t miss out on the Aufguss experience in the Finnish sauna, held in association with AISA, Associazione Italiana Saune Aufguss (the Italian Aufguss Sauna Association) every day at 4pm, 5.30pm and 8.30pm.. Aquagranda welcomes true sauna experts and masters, who guide guests in experimenting with special Aufguss rituals and entertain them with a real show.


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Livigno and a passion for biking: summer on two wheels

May 31 2019

The sun rises over Mottolino with the feeling of something new in the air - the fragrance of long summer days - and the village seems to bloom along with the bright colour of the snowdrops on the green meadows. The mountain peaks, however, are still covered in snow as if to remind us just how amazing the season that’s just ended was. And who could blame them!

There are so many bikes out and about in the village now, with families, youngsters and couples all in the saddle. Indeed, the passion for two wheels finds fertile ground at this time of year thanks to the many activities - both new and revised - Livigno offers fans of this sport. Mountain bike, enduro, down-hill, cross country, road bike, flow country… Visitors are truly spoiled for choice, especially as these are just a few of the many weekly activities they can do on their two-wheeled friends.

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